about our mission

We are a non-profit Charitable-Trust registered with Govt. of NCT of Delhi vide Regn. No.3466, Dated 07.04.2010 by inspiration of Late Dr.Makhan Lal Gupta, prominent Freedom-fighter from Jind(Haryana). This Charitable-Trust formed by his son Sh.Gopal Krishan Gupta-Delhi Govt. Officer and a social-worker, Sh.Ashok Kumar Arora-established businessman and social-worker (now deceased), Sh.Brahm Prakash Yadav-social worker from Delhi (now deceased), Sh.Madan Lal Gupta-Book-Publisher, established businessman and social-worker from Delhi, Sh.Joginder Singh social-worker from Delhi, Sh.Jatin Kumar-social-worker from Delhi, for the service of humanity.

The Trust has since adopted its Constitution and Trust-Deed with Rules & Regulations for the efficient and smooth functioning and it is a non-profit charitable public Trust not revocable at the instance of the Settler of the Trust at any time and under any circumstances. It stands registered with Sub-Registrar-II, Govt. of NCT of Delhi, Janakpuri, New Delhi under Regn. No.3466/2010 and is a registered Trust as per the definition of Trust Act. Our performance for the past more than three decades bears testimony to the very fact that we are fully committed to our commitment and sincerety. Trust and its founder and other trustees has never compromised with its democratic, non-political and non-governmental structure and has kept the candle of social-service burning so that other could also light more candles and enlighten lives of suffering people. All the Trustees in 'Abhinav Samaj' are well-settled and established and respectable peoples in their society. The Trust is entitled to get and receive the donations from INDIAN Donors and the donations given to the Trust by the INDIAN Donors are exempted from Income-Tax under Section 80-G and Section 12AA of Income Tax Act. Donations from INTERNATIONAL Donors are accepted under F.C.R.A.Act. Since inception of Trust our donors, sympathizers and well-wishers have been tendering their full support and cooperation to the Trust.

Founder of 'Abhinav Samaj' Sh.Gopal Krishan Gupta have been an officer in Revenue Department of Govt. of Delhi registering sale-purchase documents of properties. During his tenure in that department once happened such a mind-blowing incident that a very old-age lady came in evening weeping who had sold her large building in posh area of Delhi at the instance of her 'only' son and the paper of sale were executed same day in afternoon. Her son was settled in U.S.A. and he promised to that lady to take her to U.S.A. to live with him and his family if she disposes the property and winds-up from Delhi. After collecting all the payments her son left her in a taxi outside Delhi Airport saying he shall come within minutes after clearing some formalities and shall take her inside airport.

After waiting for him for few hours she tried to contact him and to enquire from airport about her son. She was shocked to know her son fled away to U.S.A. leaving her outside airport, penniless with no alternative to seek for help from others or some orphanage. Of course it was a mind-blowing incident. Parents sacrifices their whole life, sacrifices their own needs and requirements for the welfare, carrier and upliftment of their children but at the end where they stands? In the eve of their life when they needs the help and care by their children, those children leaves them on the road - helpless-shelterless. That time founder of 'Abhinav Samaj' could not do anything for that ill-fated lady but after some years such incident happened with himself from his own family also and he decided to do something as such incident are very common and can happen to anybody between us at any stage of life.

Apart from this, this problem is very common these days with all parents that their children don't care for the welfare of their old-aged parents. Many parents are deported by their own children from their own houses leaving them helpless at the age when they need their attention, care and help.

Therefore the main object of all the Trustees of 'Abhinav Samaj' is to establish an Old-Age Home – specially a 'shelter' for the welfare of such destitute and distressed parents deported by their children from their own houses irrespective of caste, creed, race, language, sex or place of birth. This is the objective of Trusees of 'Abhinav Samaj' they could feel that they are not alone and they could feel themselves as a part of such society. They could feel themselves in home away from home. 'Abhinav Samaj' has been working on the issues effecting the urban and rural poor with a special focus on Old-Age people. It is because every old-age citizen is a base-pillar or the society and that society can never be developed where there is no respect for the warriers of past i.e. parents and other old-age citizens.

In addition to this main object 'Abhinav Samaj' has other objects as:
i) To establish Schools, Colleges, Research-Institutes and Training Centres for the furtherance of education/learning.
ii) To conduct Self-Defence Training Programmes for the welfare of girls and women.
iii) To establish job-oriented Training-Centres.
iv) To establish centres for employment generation.
v) To work for Legal, Institutional, Constitutional and Human-Rights protection centres.
vi) To work for organic-farming and environment protection.
vii) To advance any other objects for general public utility.
viii) To sensualize and aware the people for a prosperous society.
ix) To provide food, clothes, shelter and medical facilities to needy persons.

However ABHINAV SAMAJ intends to do work on above issues but our main focus is to work for Elderly, senior-citizens and destitute parents de-sheltered by their own children. If well-to-do people provide their cooperation to achieve the noble-cause and objects of the Trust we shall be left with such a huge surplus that shall be sufficient enough to get rid of all the sufferings of needy humans. The accounts of the Trust are got audited properly each year through a reputed Chartered Accountant and these are published in three prominent news-papers for information of general public. The records and accounts of the Trust are available for examination and inspection of those who are interested. The Trust commits and observes total transparency in its activities and functions. If you want to contribute in our mission and want to help the Old-Age, depressed, deported and destitute people in real need. We will be happy to hear from you as a little help of yours can be a lot for someone.

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