Adopt a Senior Citizen

Since we are running a small Old-Age Home in name ‘Jai Ma Durga Old-Age Home at Uday Vihar, Nilothi, New Delhi-110041 (INDIA) but we can accommodate only 24 persons maximum there due to short space. In addition to this we have adopted 100 senior citizens and providing their livelihood. We are providing medical care, food, and cloths. For each person, the cost is Rs.5000 per month. You can adopt a senior citizen on a monthly or yearly basis. You can visit our Old-Age Home to meet your adopted senior citizens whenever you want.

Medical Support on a monthly basis: Rs.1000/-

Food (Brekfast / Lunch / Snax / Dinner) – Rs.100/Day

Cloths(Dress/Bedding/Rooms Cleaning & Maintenance)-Rs.1000

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