Old Age Homes

Adult children and their parents often have trouble talking effectively. Small disagreements can be irksome and frustrating; if they simmer and grow, they can poison your last precious months and years together.

What causes these misunderstandings How to Say it to Seniors, they occur in part because the needs and developmental tasks older parents face are starkly different from--and at times even conflict with-- those of their middle-aged children.

Conflicting life stages

As a culture, we tend to view our elderly parents as essentially absolute-- like old cars destined for the scrap heap. Understanding and facilitating the developmental needs of your parents can make this stage of life a deeply rewarding one-- for you and for them. But it can be difficult for middle -aged adults to support their elderly parents in this process-- in part because they're focused on their own developmental issues.

It's these different perspectives that can lead to breakdowns in communication between you and your parents. By understanding the pitfalls, however, you can learn to talk to your elderly parents in a way that helps to close the communication gap.

We at 'ABHINAV SAMAJ' is currently running a free old - Age Home 'JAI MAA DURGA OLD- AGE- HOME' at village Nilothi New Delhi -110041. Where we provide all the facilites free of cost i.e. Food, Shelter, Entertainment, Medical-Aid to such needy people. Even last rituals after death are performed by our organization if family members of such destitutes refuses to take their body after death.

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