Our Project

Under this Program of we are running an Old-Age Home ‘Jai Ma Durga Old-Age Home’ at Uday Vihar, Nilothi Extn., Chander Vihar, New Delhi-110041 (INDIA) where we are providing Free Shelter, Food, Medical-Facilities, entertainment and all other basic needs required to elderly free of cost and where they could feel like their own home away from their home.

We have two Food Distribution Vans who are distributing Food, Masks, and Sanitizers in such slum colonies of Delhi where most of such people are living in unhygienic conditions. During the period w.e.f. 25th March 2020 to 28 June 2020 we have distributed 38450 packets of ready-to-eat Food, 23000 Masks, 9000 bottles of Sanitizers, 9700 pcs. Of Dettol Soap and 758 Packets of Grocery-Kits.

As per a survey conducted by our organization, it is noticed that a large number of educated class white-collar employees/small businessman has also lost their jobs/business due to lockdown laid as a precaution from pandemic COVID19 and even after unlock process is started.
This is the class that cannot go for charity, cannot demand help due to their own limitations. Many of them have no eatables to feed their families even after the unlock process period to joblessness/no business. Many of them are met with psychiatric problems and suicidal thinking is growing day by day. They have the only way to die with HUNGER or suicide. Many such incidents have happened in recent days are in a continuous process. We are providing counseling services to such families/their family heads through Psychiatric Doctor.